Group Exhibition
„Colónia de férias“
Plato Gallery, Évora, Portugal,
8/18 – 9/9 2023,
Curated by 
Dear Anushka & Diogo Ramalho /
Photo by André Velez 
Pop-up Group Exhibition
Synapse / „I’m a lazy person“,
Rua Maria 63A, Lisbon, Portugal
July 2023
Group Exhibition
The University Gallery Newcastle, Australia
5/12 – 7/8 2023
Photo by Brontë Naylor

Group exhibition
„Emporia Armani“
Plato Gallery / Évora Portugal /
02/18 – 03/10 2023

Solo exhibition
“Chaos, stains and stupid feelings, a mattress collection of longing for lovers and losers“,
Little Chelsea Experience, Lisbon, Portugal
01/13 – 03/10 2023

Group exhibition
“Room for broken hearts“,
Montras Festival / São Luís Portugal
8/10 – 8/11 2019

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In action


Festival of no love“

Make mattresses
great again“

Broken (he)art“